Updating this City’s 1960’s landmark hotel into a warm and inviting space was accomplished by using a neutral color scheme utilizing rich textures that were durable and easy to maintain and leave way for timeless design. Accent colors were brought in through paint, artwork, draperies and accessories.

Combining the ideas and memories from the developer & son of the former owner, as well as designing an environment that would appeal to the business traveler, existing blue collar workers, and card playing locals was this design challenge. A custom reception desk provides a welcoming impression, creating an inconspicuous safety barrier for employees.  ADA was provided with a slide out tray designed into the reveal of the desk.  Adding original art was done by incorporating custom copper panels into recessed boxes for the guest to view but out of harm’s way.

Ceiling heights were a challenge with this existing building. Decorative bulkheads were designed along with accent paint to add interest to the ceiling without being overwhelming. Cattle horns & black and white photographs were framed in the dining room as a tribute to the strong history of the cattle industry in this town. Curving the reception desk, accent lighting in the breakfast/lounge, soffit and custom design booth were created to soften the rectangular design.

We were responsible for designing and specifying interior details, finishes, millwork, ceilings, lighting, and furniture in dining and breakfast areas.


Norfolk Country Inn